Jenny Hager

Jenny Hager

Lives and works in Los Angeles

Member of Durden and Ray

Instagram: Hager8645


Artist Statement

Interest to me as of recent is the investigation of an ambiguous, constructed, and animated space that utilizes open, abstracted imagery in order to bypass or delay immediate recognition and access a state of suspended wonder. Central to this is the creation of painting as palimpsest through process, negation, and reinterpretation in the service of exploring the tension between the explicable and in-explicable, whether it be celestial, spiritual, the natural world, or other. By injecting subtexts through formal elements such as pressure, design, asymmetrical balance and a juxtaposition of painting languages, I hope to disrupt the viewer from a set perspective.

Natania Rosenfeld:

Natania Rosenfeld, the author of the poems that accompany the Ebon Flow series, is a Professor of English at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Her work—poems, essays and fiction—has appeared and is forthcoming in numerous journals including The American Poetry Review, Raritan, Gettysburg Review, Southwest Quarterly, and Seneca Review. Natania’s poetry manuscript has been a finalist in several contests, and she has won an Illinois Arts Council Literary Award in 2007 for her prose poem “Bodies.” Her essay “Life and Death” was listed as Notable in the Best American Essays of 2011. She is also the author of a critical book on Virginia and Leonard Woolf (Princeton University Press, 2000).